Works with Orchestra

Bach violin concerto in A minor BWV 1041 
Bach violin concerto in E major BWV 1042
Bach double concerto for oboe and violin in C minor BWV 1060
Bartok violin concerto no.1 sz.36
Beethoven violin concerto in D major op.61
Beethoven triple concerto in C Major op.56
Brahms violin concerto in D major op.77
Bottesini gran duo concertante for violin and double bass
Bruch scottish fantasy in E-flat major op.46
Dvorak violin concerto in A minor op.53
Dvorak romance in F minor op.11
Elgar violin concerto in B minor op.61
Kancheli Chirascuro for violin and chamber orchestra
Kancheli V & V
Khachaturian violin concerto in D minor
Machavariani violin concerto 
Massenet medidation from thais
Mendelssohn violin concerto in E minor op.64
Mendelssohn double concerto in D minor MWV O4
Mozart violin concerto no.4 in D major K.218
Mozart violin concerto no.5 in A major K.219
Pärt tabula rasa (2. violin part)
Prokofiev violin concerto no.1 in D major op.19
Saint-Saëns introduction and rondo capriccioso op. 28
Sarasate carmen fantasy op.25
Sarasate introduction and tarantella op.43
Sarasate navarra for two violins op.33 (1.violin part)
Shostakovich violin concerto in A minor op.77
Sibelius violin concerto in D minor op.47
Tchaikovsky violin concerto in D major op.35
Tchaikovsky valse scherzo in C major op.34
Tchaikovsky souvenir d’un lieu cher op.42
Tchaikovsky serenade melancolique op. 26
Vieuxtemps violin concerto in A minor op.37
Waxman carmen fantasy
Wieniawski violin concerto in D minor op.22
Wieniawski polonaise de concert no.1 op.4
Wieniawski fantasy on themes from faust op.20
Wieniawski legende op.17 
Wranitzky violin concerto in C major op.11 (which is recorded for the first time by Veriko Tchumburidze for Sony Switzerland label)

Violin Sonatas with Piano & Keyboard

Bach sonata for violin and harpsichord  no.3 in E major BWV 1016
Beethoven violin sonata no. 1 in D op. 12
Beethoven violin sonata no. 2 in A op. 12
Beethoven violin sonata no. 3 in E-flat op.12
Beethoven violin sonata no. 4 in A minor op. 23
Beethoven violin sonata no. 5 in F op. 24 'spring'
Beethoven violin sonata no. 6 in A op. 30
Beethoven violin sonata no. 7 in C minor op. 30
Beethoven violin sonata no. 8 in G op. 30
Beethoven violin sonata no. 9 in A op. 47 'kreutzer'
Beethoven violin sonata no. 10 in G op. 96
Brahms violin sonata no.3 in D minor op.108
Franck violin sonata in A major
Grieg violin sonata no.2 in G major op. 13
Grieg violin sonata no.3 in in G minor op.45
Händel violin sonata no.4 in D major HWV 371
Janáček violin sonata
Mozart violin sonata in G major K.301
Mozart violin sonata in B-flat major K.454
Poulenc violin sonata FP.119 
Respighi violin sonata in B minor P 110 
Ravel violin sonata in G major
Saint-Saëns violin sonata in D minor op.75
Schnittke violin sonata no.1
Schubert violin sonata ‘grand duo’ in A major D 574
Schubert sonatina in D major D 384 op.137
Schumann violin sonata no.1 in A minor op.105
Schumann violin sonata no.2 in D minor op.121
Strauss violin sonata in E-flat major op.18
Szymanowski violin sonata in D minor op.9

Pieces for Violin with Piano

Dvorak four romantic pieces op.75
Elgar la capricieuse op.17
Joachim romance no.1 op.2
Korngold much ado about nothing op.11
Kreisler gyspy caprice
Kreisler liebesfreud
Kreisler liebesleid
Kreisler rondino on a theme by beethoven
Kreisler schön rosmarin 
Kreisler miniature viennese march 
Mozart rondo from serenade ‘haffner’ 
Pärt fratres
Pärt spiegel im spiegel
Paganini moto perpetuo op.11
Paganini cantabile
Paganini la campanella (arr. Kreisler) 
Sarasate zapateado no.2 op.23
Saint-Saëns / arr. by Ysaye caprice d’apres l’etude en forme de valse
Schubert rondo in B minor  D.895
R.Schumann three romances 
Szymanowski mythes op. 30 
Szymanowski romance op.23 
Wieniawski scherzo tarantella op.16

Solo Violin

Bach sonata for solo violin no.1 in G minor BWV 1001
Bach partita for solo violin no.2 in D minor BWV 1004
Bach partita for solo violin no.3 in E Major BWV 1006
Bloch suite for solo violin no.1 (1958)
Ernst caprice on schubert’s ‘erlkönig’ op. 26 
Kreisler recitative and scherzo caprice op.6
Machavariani doluri
Milstein Paganiniana 
Paganini caprice no.1
Paganini caprice no. 2
Paganini caprice no. 5
Paganini caprice no.6
Paganini caprice no.8
Paganini caprice no. 9
Paganini caprice no.10
Paganini caprice no.12
Paganini caprice no.13
Paganini caprice no.14
Paganini caprice no. 15
Paganini caprice no. 16
Paganini caprice no. 17
Paganini caprice no.18
Paganini caprice no.19
Paganini caprice no. 20
Paganini caprice no. 21
Paganini caprice no. 23
Paganini caprice no. 24
Wieniawski l’ecole moderne no.4 ‘le staccato’
Wienaiwski l’ecole moderne no.5 ‘alla saltarella’ 
Ysaye solo violin sonata no.2 in A minor op.27 ‘jacques thibaud’
Ysaye solo violin sonata no.3 in D minor op.27 ’georges enescu’
Ysaye solo violin sonata no. 4 in E minor op.27 ’fritz kreisler’  
Ysaye solo violin sonata no.5  in G major op.27 ‘Mathieu 
Ysaye solo violin sonata no.6. in E major op.27 ’manuel quiroga’


Chamber Music


Prokofiev sonata for two violins op.56
Shostakovich five pieces for two violins and piano


Arensky piano trio in D minor no.1 op.32
Baran transformations for piano trio
Berg adagio for violin, clarinet and piano
Brahms piano trio no.1 in B major op.8 (first version)
Brahms piano trio no. 3 in C minor op. 101
Brahms horn trio op.40
Beethoven piano trio no.2 op.1
Beethoven piano trio no.3 op.1
Beethoven piano trio no.5 in D major op.70 ‘ghost’
Beethoven serenade for string trio in D major op.8
Grieg andante con moto for piano trio
Haydn string trio no.1 in G major op.53
Jadin string trio no.1
Kodaly intermezzo for string trio
Manav ludus modalis for piano trio (Commissioned work by Istanbul Music Festival -World Premiere played by Veriko Tchumburidze, Dorukhan Doruk & Yunus Tuncalı)
Martinu string trio a cordes
Mendelssohn piano trio no.1 in D minor op.49
Milhaud  suite for violin, clarinet and piano op.157b 
Mozart divertimento for string trio in E-flat major KV563
Mozart piano trio no.6 in G major  KV564
Rachmaninoff piano trio  no.1 in G minor ‘elegique’
Ravel piano trio in A minor 
Say space jump
Schoenfield trio for violin, clarinet and piano
Schubert piano trio no.1 op.99
Schubert string trio in B-flat major D.471
Shostakovich piano trio no.1 in C minor op.8
Shostakovich piano trio no.2 in E minor op.67 
Stravinsky the soldier’s tale for violin, clarinet and piano


Beethoven piano quartet E-flat major op.16
Beethoven string quartet no.1 in F major op.18
Beethoven string quartet grosse fugue in B-flat major op.133 
Brahms piano quartet in C minor no.3 op.60
Mozart piano quartet no.1 in G minor in K478
Schumann piano quartet no.1 in E-flat major op.47


Bloch piano quintet no.1 B.43 (1. violin part) 
Dvorak piano quintet no.2 in A major op.81 (1. violin part)
Franck piano quintet in F minor (1. violin part) 
Piazzola concierto para quinteto (1. violin part) 
Schoenberg arr.Webern kammersymphonie op.9
Schubert piano quintet ‘trout’ in A major D 667 
Schumann piano quintet in E-flat major op.44 (1. violin part) 
Shostakovich piano quintet in G minor op.57 (1. violin part) 


Brahms string sextet no.1 in B-flat major op.18 (1. violin part)
Schönberg transfigured night for string sextet op.4 (1. violin part and 2. violin part)
Schulhoff string sextet (1. violin part) 
Strauss sextet from opera of capriccio (1. violin part)


Enescu string octet op.7 (1. violin part)
Mendelssohn string octet in E-flat major op.20 (1. violin part)
Shostakovich two pieces for string octet op.11 (1. violin part)


Spohr Nonet in F major op.31